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Result from checking against the Oxford 3000™

A Abandon Ability Able Aboard Abolish About Above Abroad Absence Absent Absolute Absolutely Absorb Absurd Abuse Accent Accept Acceptable Access Accident Accommodate Accompany Accomplish Accord Account Accountant Accurate Accuse Accustom Ache Achieve Acknowledge Acquaint Acquire Across Act Action Active Activity Actor Actually Adapt Add Addict Addition Address Adjust Admire Admit Adopt Adore Adult Advance Advantage Adventure Advertise Advice Advise Affair Affect Affection Afford Afraid After Afternoon Again Against Age Agent Aggressive Agitate Ago Agree Agreement Ahead Aid Aim Air Airplane Airport Alarm Album Alcohol Alert Alibi Alice Alien Alike Alive All Allergy Alley Allow Ally Almost Alone Along Alphabet Already Also Alter Alternative Although Always Amaze Ambassador Ambition Ambitious Ambulance Among Amount Amuse Ancestor Ancient And Anger Angle Angry Animal Ankle Anniversary Announce Announcement Annoy Anon Another Answer Anticipate Antique Anxious Any Anybody Anymore Anyone Anything Anyway Anywhere Apart Apartment Apologize Apology Apparent Apparently Appeal Appear Appearance Appetite Applaud Apple Application Apply Appoint Appointment Appreciate Approach Appropriate Approval Approve April Apt Area Argue Argument Arise Arm Army Around Arrange Arrangement Arrest Arrival Arrive Arrow Article Artist As Ash Ashamed Aside Ask Asleep Aspirin Assemble Assign Assist Assistance Assistant Associate Assume Assure Astonish Astronaut At Athlete Atmosphere Atom Attach Attack Attempt Attend Attention Attentive Attic Attitude Attorney Attract Attractive Attribute Audience August Aunt Australia Author Authority Automobile Autumn Available Average Avoid Awake Award Aware Away Awesome Awful Awkward Baby Babysit Bachelor Back Background Backpack Backyard Bad Badly Bag Bake Balance Bald Ball Balloon Ban Banana Band Bandage Bang Bank Barber Bare Barely Bargain Bark Barn Base Baseball Basement Basic Basket Basketball Bat Bath Bathe Bathroom Bathtub Battery Battle Beach Bean Bear Beard Beat Beautiful Beauty Because Become Bed Bedroom Bedtime Bee Beef Beer Before Beg Begin Behalf Behave Behavior Behind Belief Believe Bell Belong Below Belt Bench Bend Benefit Beside Besides Best Bet Betray Between Beyond Bible Bicycle Big Bike Billion Biology Bird Birth Bit Bite Bitter Black Blackboard Blame Blank Blanket Bless Blind Blink Block Blonde Blood Bloom Blossom Blouse Blow Blue Blush Board Boast Boat Body Boil Bomb Bone Book Boot Border Bore Borrow Boss Boston Both Bother Bottle Bottom Bow Bowl Box Boy Boyfriend Bracelet Brag Brain Brake Branch Brand Brave Bread Break Breakfast Breath Breathe Breed Bribe Bride Bridge Brief Briefcase Bright Brilliant Bring Britain Broad Brother Bruise Brush Buck Bucket Budget Bug Build Bullet Bully Bump Bunch Burden Burgle Burn Burst Bury Bus Bush Business Busy But Butcher Butter Butterfly Button Buy By Cab Cabin Cabinet Cafeteria Cage Cake Calculate Calendar Call Calm Camel Camera Camp Campaign Campus Can Canadian Cancel Cancer Candidate Candle Cane Canoe Cap Capable Capacity Capital Captain Capture Car Card Care Career Careful Carefully Carpenter Carpet Carrot Carry Cart Carve Case Cash Cast Castle Cat Catch Catholic Cattle Cause Caution Cave Cease Ceiling Celebrate Cell Cent Center Central Century Ceremony Certain Certainly Chain Chair Chairman Chairperson Challenge Champion Championship Chance Change Channel Chapter Character Charge Charity Charm Chase Chat Cheap Cheat Check Cheek Cheer Cheese Chemical Chemistry Chess Chest Chew Chicago Chicken Chief Child Childhood Chill Chimney China Chocolate Choice Choke Choose Chop Chopstick Church Cigarette Circle Circulate Circumstance Circus Citizen City Civil Claim Clap Class Classical Classmate Clean Clear Clearly Clerk Clever Click Client Climate Climb Cling Clock Close Closely Closet Cloth Clothes Clothing Cloud Club Clue Coach Coal Coast Coat Cockroach Code Coffee Coin Coincide Cold Collapse Colleague Collect Collection College Colony Color Come Comfort Comfortable Comic Command Comment Commit Committee Common Communicate Communication Community Company Compare Compete Competent Competition Competitive Complain Complaint Complete Completely Complex Complicate Compliment Compose Composition Compromise Computer Conceal Concentrate Concern Concert Conclude Conclusion Condition Conduct Confer Confess Confidence Confident Confirm Conflict Confront Confuse Congratulate Congress Connect Connection Conscience Conscious Consent Consequence Conservative Consider Considerable Considerate Consideration Consist Constantly Constitution Construction Consult Consume Contact Contagious Contain Content Contest Continue Contour Contract Contribute Control Convenience Conversation Convict Convince Cook Cookie Cool Cooperate Cooperation Cop Cope Copy Corn Corner Correct Corrupt Cost Costume Cottage Cotton Couch Cough Could Count Counter Country Couple Courage Course Court Cousin Cover Cow Coward Cowboy Crack Crash Crawl Crazy Cream Create Creative Creature Credit Creep Crew Crime Criminal Crisis Critical Criticism Criticize Crop Cross Crowd Cruel Crush Cry Culture Cup Cure Curious Current Currently Curry Curse Curtain Custody Custom Customer Cut Cute Cycle Dad Daily Damage Damp Dance Danger Dangerous Dare Dark Darkness Dash Data Date Daughter Dawn Day Dead Deadline Deaf Deal Death Debate Debt Deceive December Decent Decide Decision Declare Decline Decorate Decrease Dedicate Deep Deeply Deer Defeat Defend Defendant Defense Definite Definitely Degree Delay Delegate Delete Delicate Delicious Delight Deliver Delivery Demand Democracy Demonstrate Dentist Deny Depart Department Departure Depend Dependent Deposit Depress Depression Deprive Describe Description Desert Deserve Design Desire Desk Desperate Despise Despite Dessert Destination Destiny Destroy Detail Determine Devastate Develop Devote Dial Diary Dictate Dictionary Die Diet Differ Difference Different Differently Difficult Difficulty Diligent Dine Dinner Dinosaur Diplomat Direct Direction Directly Director Dirty Disagree Disappear Disappoint Disaster Discount Discourage Discover Discovery Discreet Discuss Discussion Disease Disguise Disgust Dish Disk Dismiss Dispose Dispute Distance Distinguish Distract District Disturb Ditch Dive Divide Divorce Dizzy Do Doctor Document Dog Dollar Dolphin Domestic Donate Door Doorbell Double Doubt Down Download Doze Dozen Draft Drag Drama Drawer Dream Dress Drift Drink Drive Driver Drop Drown Drug Drum Drunken Dry Duck Due Dull Dumb Dump During Dust Duty Dye Each Eager Ear Early Earn Earring Earth Earthquake Ease Easily East Easy Eat Economic Economy Edge Educate Education Effect Effective Efficient Effort Egg Eight Eighteen Eighty Either Elbow Elderly Elect Election Electric Electricity Elephant Elevate Eleven Else Elsewhere Email Embarrass Embassy Emergency Emotion Emotional Employ Employee Empty Enable Encourage End Endure Enemy Energy Engage Engine Engineer Enjoy Enormous Enough Enter Entertain Enthusiasm Entire Entirely Entitle Entrance Envelope Environment Envy Equal Equipment Errand Error Escape Especially Essay Essential Establish Estate Estimate Euro Evacuate Even Evening Event Eventually Ever Every Everybody Everyone Everything Everywhere Evidence Evident Evil Ex Exact Exactly Exaggerate Exam Examination Examine Example Excellent Except Exception Exchange Excite Excitement Excuse Execute Executive Exercise Exhaust Exhibit Exhibition Exist Existence Exit Expand Expect Expectation Expedition Expel Expense Expensive Experience Experiment Expert Expire Explain Explanation Explode Explore Explosion Export Expose Express Expression Extend Extent Extra Extraordinary Extreme Extremely Eye Eyesight Face Fact Factory Fade Fail Failure Faint Fair Fairly Fairy Fake Fall False Fame Familiar Family Famous Fan Fantastic Far Fare Farewell Farm Farmer Fascinate Fashion Fast Fasten Fat Fate Father Faucet Fault Favor Favorite Fax Fear February Fee Feed Feel Fellow Female Fence Festival Fever Few Fiction Field Fierce Fifteen Fifty Fight Figure File Fill Film Final Finally Finance Financial Find Fine Finger Fingerprint Finish Fire Fireman Fireplace Firm First Fish Fist Fit Five Fix Flag Flame Flash Flashlight Flat Flatter Flee Flexible Flight Flip Flirt Float Flood Floor Flour Flow Flower Flu Fluent Flute Fly Focus Fog Fold Folk Follow Fond Food Fool Foot Football Footprint Footstep For Forbid Force Ford Forecast Forehead Foreign Forest Forget Forgive Fork Form Formal Former Fort Forth Fortunate Fortune Forty Forward Founds Fountain Four Fox Frame Freak Free Freedom Freeze French Frequently Fresh Friday Friend Friendly Friendship Frighten Frog From Front Frown Fruit Frustrate Fry Fuel Fulfill Full Fully Fun Function Fund Funeral Funny Furious Furnish Furniture Further Fuss Future Gain Gamble Game Gang Garage Garbage Garden Gas Gate Gather Gaze Gear General Generally Generation Generous Genius Gentle Gentleman Gently Gesture Get Ghost Giant Gift Girl Girlfriend Give Glad Glance Glass Glimpse Global Glove Go Goal Goat God Gold Golden Golf Good Goodbye Goods Gorgeous Gossip Government Governor Grab Grade Gradually Graduate Grain Grammar Grammatical Grand Grandmother Grape Grass Grateful Grave Gray Great Greatly Greed Green Greet Grill Grin Grip Groan Grocery Ground Group Grow Growth Guarantee Guard Guess Guest Guide Guilty Guitar Gum Gun Gunshot Gut Gymnasium Habit Hack Hair Haircut Half Hall Hamburger Hammer Hand Handbag Handkerchief Handle Handsome Handy Hang Happen Happiness Happy Harbor Hard Hardly Harm Harsh Harvest Haste Hat Hate Haunt He Head Headache Heal Health Healthy Hear Heart Heat Heaven Heavily Heavy Heel Height Helicopter Hello Helmet Help Helpful Hen Here Hero Herself Hesitate Hi Hide High Highly Hike Hilarious Hill Himself Hint Hire History Hit Hobby Hold Hole Holiday Home Homesick Homework Honest Honey Honeymoon Honor Hook Horizon Horn Horrible Horror Horse Hospital Hospitality Host Hostage Hot Hotel Hour House Household How However Hug Huge Hullo Hum Human Humid Humiliate Humor Hundred Hunger Hunt Hurricane Hurry Hurt Husband I Ice Id Idea Ideal Identify Identity Idiot Idle If Ignorant Ignore Ill Illegal Illness Image Imagination Imagine Imitate Immediate Immediately Immigrant Impatient Imply Impolite Import Importance Important Impose Impossible Impress Impression Impressive Improve Improvement Impulse In Inch Incident Incline Include Income Increase Incredible Independent Indicate Individual Industry Inevitable Infect Inflation Influence Inform Information Inherit Injure Injury Ink Innocent Insect Inside Insist Inspect Inspire Install Instant Instead Instinct Instruct Instruction Instrument Insult Insurance Intelligence Intend Intense Intent Intention Interest Interfere International Interpret Interrupt Intersect Interview Into Intrigue Introduce Intrude Invade Invent Invest Investigate Investigation Investment Invitation Invite Involve Iron Irritate Island Isolate Issue It Itch Item Itself Jacket Jail Jam January Japan Jar Jazz Jealous Jeans Jerk Jet Jewel Job Jog John Join Joint Joke Journalist Journey Judge Juice July Jump June Jungle Junior Junk Jury Just Justice Justify Keep Ketchup Key Kick Kid Kidnap Kill Kilogram Kind King Kiss Kitchen Kite Kitten Knee Kneel Knife Knit Knock Know Knowledge Label Labor Lack Ladder Lady Lake Lamp Land Language Lap Laptop Large Last Late Laugh Laughter Launch Laundry Law Lawn Lawyer Lay Lazy Lead Leader Leaf Leak Lean Leap Learn Least Leather Leave Lecture Left Leftover Leg Legal Lemon Lend Length Less Lesson Let Letter Level Liberty Library License Lid Lie Life Lift Light Lightning Like Likely Limit Line Link Lion Lip Lipstick Liquor List Listen Literature Little Live Load Loaf Loan Lobby Local Locate Location Lock Locker Log Lone Long Look Loose Lose Loss Lot Lottery Loud Love Lovely Low Loyal Luck Lucky Luggage Lunch Lung Luxury Machine Mad Magazine Magic Magnificent Maid Mail Main Mainly Maintain Major Majority Make Makeup Male Mall Man Manage Management Manager Manner Mansion Manual Manufacture Many Map Mar Marathon March Market Marriage Marry Mary Mask Mass Massage Master Match Material Mathematics Matter Mature May Maybe Mayor Meal Mean Measure Measurement Meat Mechanic Medal Media Medical Medication Medicine Meditate Meet Melt Member Memory Mention Menu Mere Merely Mess Message Metal Meter Method Microphone Microwave Middle Might Mild Military Milk Million Millionaire Mind Mine Minimum Minister Minor Minute Miracle Mirror Miss Mission Mistake Mister Mix Mobile Model Moderate Modern Modest Mom Moment Monday Money Monkey Monster Month Mood Moon Mop Moral More Morning Mosquito Most Mostly Mother Motion Motivate Motive Motor Motorcycle Mountain Mouse Mouth Move Movement Movie Mow Mrs Much Mud Mug Mugged Murder Muscle Museum Mushroom Music Musical Musician Must Myself Mystery Nail Naive Naked Name Nap Narrow Nasty Nation National Native Natural Naturally Nature Naughty Navy Near Nearby Nearly Neat Necessarily Necessary Necessity Neck Necklace Need Needle Negative Neglect Negotiate Negotiation Neighbor Neighborhood Neither Nephew Nerve Nervous Net Never New News Newspaper Next Nice Nickname Night Nightmare Nine Ninety No Nobody Nod Noise Non None Nonsense Noon Nor Normal Normally North Nose Not Note Notebook Nothing Notice Notify Novel November Now Nowadays Nowhere Nuclear Numb Number Nurse Nut Obey Object Objective Oblige Observe Obsess Obvious Obviously Occasion Occupy Occur Ocean October Odd Of Off Offend Offensive Offer Office Officer Official Often Oil Okay Old On Once One Onion Only Onto Open Opera Operate Operation Opinion Opponent Opportunity Oppose Opposite Opposition Optimist Option Or Orange Orchestra Order Ordinary Organ Organization Organize Origin Original Orphan Other Otherwise Ought Ourselves Out Outrage Outside Oven Over Overcoat Overcome Overhear Overlook Overnight Overseas Overtime Overweight Overwhelm Overwork Owe Own Owner Oxygen Pace Pack Package Page Pain Paint Pair Palace Pale Pan Panda Panic Paper Paperwork Parade Parallel Paranoia Parcel Pardon Parent Park Part Participate Particular Particularly Partner Party Pass Passenger Passport Password Past Path Pathetic Patient Pause Pay Payment Peace Peanut Peel Pen Pencil People Pepper Per Percent Perfect Perfectly Perform Performance Perfume Perhaps Period Permanent Permission Permit Persevere Persist Person Personal Personality Personally Persuade Pet Pharmacy Philosophy Phone Photo Photograph Phrase Physical Physics Piano Pick Picnic Picture Pie Piece Pierce Pig Pigeon Pile Pill Pillow Pilot Pin Pink Pipe Pistol Pitch Pity Pizza Place Plain Plan Plane Planet Plant Plastic Plate Platform Play Player Plead Pleasant Please Pleasure Plenty Plot Plug Pocket Poem Poet Point Poison Poke Pole Police Policy Polish Polite Political Politician Politics Pollute Pollution Pond Pool Poor Pop Popcorn Popular Population Porch Pork Port Pose Position Positive Possibility Possible Possibly Post Postcard Postpone Pot Potato Potential Pound Pour Poverty Power Powerful Practical Practice Praise Pray Precious Predict Prefer Pregnant Prejudice Preparation Prepare Prescribe Presence Present President Press Pressure Pretend Pretty Prevent Previous Price Pride Priest Primary Prime Prince Principal Principle Print Priority Prison Prisoner Private Prize Probably Problem Procedure Proceed Process Produce Product Production Professional Professor Profit Program Progress Prohibit Project Prom Promise Promote Promotion Prompt Pronounce Pronunciation Proof Proper Properly Property Proposal Propose Proposition Protect Protection Protest Proud Prove Proverb Provide Pry Psychology Public Publish Pull Pulse Pump Punch Punctual Punish Pup Purchase Pure Purpose Purse Pursue Push Put Puzzle Qualify Quality Quantity Quarrel Quarter Queen Question Quick Quickly Quiet Quietly Quit Quite Quote Rabbit Race Rack Racket Radio Rain Raise Range Rapid Rapidly Rare Rarely Rat Rate Rather Rational Raw Reach React Reaction Read Ready Real Reality Realize Really Rear Reason Reasonable Rebel Recall Receipt Receive Recent Recently Reception Recession Recipe Reckless Recognize Recommend Recommendation Record Recover Recovery Red Reduce Refer Reflect Reflection Reform Refrain Refresh Refrigerate Refugee Refuse Regain Regard Regardless Region Register Regret Regular Regularly Regulation Reject Relate Relation Relationship Relative Relax Release Reliable Relief Relieve Religion Religious Reluctance Rely Remain Remark Remarkable Remember Remind Remote Remove Rent Repair Repay Repeat Replace Reply Report Reporter Represent Republic Reputation Request Require Rescue Research Resemble Resent Reserve Resign Resist Resolution Resolve Resort Resource Respect Respond Response Responsibility Responsible Rest Restaurant Restrain Result Resume Retire Retirement Return Reveal Review Revolution Reward Rice Rich Rid Ride Ridiculous Rifle Right Ring Riot Rip Ripe Rise Risk River Road Roast Robot Rock Role Roll Romantic Roof Room Root Rope Roses Rot Rough Round Route Row Rub Rude Rug Rugby Ruin Rule Run Rush Sacrifice Sad Safe Safety Sail Saint Sake Salad Salary Sale Salesman Salt Same Sample Sand Sandwich Sane Satisfy Saturday Sauce Save Say Scale Scandal Scar Scarce Scare Scarf Scene Sceptic Schedule Scholar Scholarship School Science Scientific Scientist Scissors Scold Score Scotland Scratch Scream Screen Screw Sea Seal Search Season Seat Second Secret Secretary Section Secure Security See Seed Seek Seem Seize Seldom Self Sell Semester Senator Send Senior Sense Sensible Sensitive Sentence Separate September Series Serious Seriously Servant Serve Service Set Settle Seven Seventeen Seventy Several Severe Sew Shade Shadow Shake Shall Shallow Shame Shape Share Shark Sharp Shave She Sheep Sheet Shelf Shelter Shepherd Shift Shine Ship Shirt Shiver Shock Shoe Shoot Shop Shore Short Shot Should Shoulder Shout Shove Show Shower Shut Shuttle Shy Sick Side Sidewalk Sigh Sight Sign Signal Signature Significant Silence Silent Silk Silly Silver Similar Simple Simply Sin Since Sincere Sing Singer Single Sink Sip Sir Sister Sit Site Situation Six Sixteen Sixty Size Skate Sketch Ski Skill Skin Skinny Skip Skirt Sky Slam Slap Slave Sleep Sleeve Slice Slide Slight Slightly Slim Slip Slippery Slow Slowly Small Smart Smash Smell Smile Smoke Smooth Snack Snake Snap Sneak Sneeze Snore Snow Snowman So Soak Soap Sober Soccer Sociable Social Society Sock Sofa Soft Software Solar Soldier Solid Solution Solve Some Somebody Somehow Something Sometimes Somewhat Somewhere Son Song Soon Sophisticated Sore Sorrow Sorry Sort Soul Sound Soup Sour Source South Southern Space Spaghetti Spare Speak Speaker Special Species Specific Speech Speed Spell Spend Spice Spider Spill Spin Spinach Spirit Spite Splash Splendid Split Spoil Spoon Sport Spot Spouse Spread Spring Spy Square Squeeze Stab Stable Stadium Staff Stage Stain Stair Stake Stall Stamp Stand Standard Star Stare Start Startle Starve State Statement Station Statue Stay Steady Steak Steal Steam Steer Step Stew Stick Stiff Still Sting Stink Stir Stock Stomach Stone Stop Store Storm Story Stove Straight Strange Stranger Strategy Straw Strawberry Stream Street Strength Stress Stretch Strict Strike String Stroke Strong Strongly Struggle Stubborn Student Study Stuff Stun Stupid Style Subject Submit Subscribe Substitute Suburb Subway Succeed Success Successful Such Sudden Suddenly Suffer Sugar Suggest Suggestion Suicide Suit Suitable Suitcase Sum Summer Summit Sun Sunday Sunglasses Sunrise Sunset Superior Supermarket Supervise Supper Supply Support Suppose Sure Surely Surface Surgeon Surgery Surprise Surprisingly Surrender Surround Survey Survive Sushi Suspect Suspend Suspicion Suspicious Swallow Swear Sweat Sweater Sweep Sweet Swell Swim Swimsuit Switch Sword Sympathy System Table Tag Tail Take Tale Talent Talk Tall Tank Tap Tape Target Task Taste Tattoo Tax Taxi Tea Teach Teacher Team Tear Tease Technical Technique Technology Teen Teenager Telegram Telephone Telescope Television Tell Temper Temperature Temple Temporary Tempt Ten Tend Tendency Tennis Tense Tent Term Terrible Terrific Terrify Terrorist Test Testify Text Textbook Than Thank That The Theater Theft Themselves Then Theory There Thermometer They Thick Thief Thin Thing Think Thirteen Thirty This Thorough Though Thousand Thread Threat Threaten Three Thrill Throat Through Throughout Throw Thumb Thunder Thursday Ticket Tidy Tie Tiger Tight Till Time Timid Tiny Tip Tire Title To Toast Today Toe Together Toilet Tolerate Tom Tomato Tomorrow Ton Tone Tongue Tonight Too Tool Tooth Toothache Top Topic Toss Total Totally Touch Tough Tour Tourist Toward Towel Tower Town Toy Trace Track Trade Tradition Traditional Traffic Tragedy Train Traitor Transfer Translate Trap Trash Travel Treasure Treat Treatment Treaty Tree Tremble Trial Trick Trigger Trim Trip Troop Trouble Trousers Truck True Truly Trunk Trust Trustworthy Truth Try Tuesday Tune Tunnel Turkey Turn Twelve Twenty Twice Twin Twist Two Type Typewrite Typhoon Typical Ugly Umbrella Unable Under Underestimate Understand Unfortunately Uniform Union Unique Unit Unite Universe University Unknown Unless Unlikely Until Unusual Up Upon Upset Upstairs Urge Urgent Use Useful Usual Usually Utter Vacation Vacuum Vague Vain Valid Valley Valuable Value Vanilla Vanish Variety Various Vase Vegetable Vegetarian Vehicle Vend Verge Version Very Vice Victim Victory Video View Village Violate Violence Violent Violin Virus Visa Visit Visitor Vitamin Voice Volcano Volleyball Volume Volunteer Vote Voyage Wage Waist Wait Wake Walk Wall Wallet Wander Want War Warm Warn Wash Waste Watch Water Wave Way We Weak Weakness Wealth Wealthy Weapon Wear Weather Web Wed Wednesday Weed Week Weekend Weigh Weight Weird Welcome Well West Western Wet Whale What Whatever Wheat Wheel When Whenever Where Wherever Whether Which While Whiskey Whisper Whistle Who Whole Why Wide Wife Wild Will Win Wind Window Wine Wing Wink Winner Winter Wipe Wire Wise Wish Wit With Withdraw Within Without Witness Wolf Woman Wonder Wonderful Wood Wooden Wool Word Work Worker World Worm Worry Worth Wound Wrap Wreck Wrestle Wrist Write Writer Wrong Yacht Yard Yawn Year Yell Yellow Yen Yes Yesterday Yet You Young Yourself Youth Zero Zip Zoo

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