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Main page Coursebooks Workplace English 1 (Video): Get Ahead With Everyday Business English

Workplace English 1 (Video): Get Ahead With Everyday Business English


In the Workplace English self-study pack you can follow Jasmines daily life at her office and learn the English you need for your everyday work life. Watch or listen to Jasmine in different business situations on the DVD and audio CD to learn the language of business Have fun with practice activities Use the key phrases in your own work life The full colour book contains 24 units and a reference section including: key words and phrases answer key audioscript pronunciation guide example emails Suitable for learners at CEF level A1 / Elementary.

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#13 eliker bahij wrote (30 December 2016 14:21)
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The linksd are not woring anymore. help

There ARE working links in the MIRRORS. Check all links in future, please

#12 elianamartinn wrote (5 June 2015 18:21)
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Hi! what is the password! thank you

Read HELP-SECTION, please You will find the PASSWORD there
#11 Prasetyo wrote (21 February 2015 07:17)
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Great, thanks a lot.

#10 tannita wrote (6 January 2015 14:02)
Articles published: 0 | Comments: 67 | Mirrors: 0 | Registered: 10.01.2008
Great video of elementary business situations. The actors look very much like people you meet every day, which is very engaging. The language is clear but doesn't sound artificial. Just a little bit of overacting at times, but it doesn't spoil the general impression. Overall, everything looks and sounds quite authentic. The size of the dialogues is just right: they are not long but manage to cover up the situation pretty well.
#9 desertaslan wrote (16 October 2014 14:58)
Articles published: 2 | Comments: 112 | Mirrors: 1 | Registered: 6.09.2010
thanks indeed.
#8 tipseng wrote (30 August 2014 19:48)
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Thank you for uploading.
#7 andorka wrote (1 July 2014 02:07)
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Thanks a million! great
#6 innochka wrote (18 June 2014 17:19)
Articles published: 1 | Comments: 796 | Mirrors: 2 | Registered: 5.05.2007
#5 Chakdz wrote (12 June 2014 18:19)
Articles published: 0 | Comments: 14 | Mirrors: 0 | Registered: 20.04.2014
Thx a lot , really helpful content :)
#4 musica wrote (22 November 2013 18:48)
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Thankkk a lot

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