⨹Ҹҹ Կԧʵѹ : ҧ (2)


⨹Ҹҹ Կԧʵѹ : ҧ

: Richard Bach : ҭԷ ɵ

.. ҧ¢ͧͷҡ»ա˹աա˹

͡ҡԴͧͧ .

To the real Jonathan Seagull,
who lives within us all.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Part Two / 2

So this is heaven, he thought, and he had to smile at himself. It was
hardly respectful to analyze heaven in the very moment that one flies up
to enter it.

As he came from Earth now, above the clouds and in close formation
with the two brilliant gulls, he saw that his own body was growing as
bright as theirs. True, the same young Jonathan Seagull was there that had
always lived behind his golden eyes, but the outer form had changed.
It felt like a seagull body, but alreadv it flew far better than his
old one had ever flown.

⨹ҸҹԴеͧѺͧ ѹҧҹ·ä㹢зѧԹ

ҷ⨹ҸҹԹ͡ҡš ˹§ҧ仡Ѻҧʴͧǹ ѹͧҵǢͧѹͧ觻СءʡǡѺҹͧǹ ͹ ҧ˹⨹Ҹҹѧ͹觷ͧѧǧշͧ ٻ¹͡¹ ֡ѧ繵ǹҧ ѹԹաҵ

Why, with half the effort, he thought, I'll get
twice the speed, twice the performance of my best days on Earth!
His feathers glowed brilliant white now, and his wings were smooth
and perfect as sheets of polished silver. He began, delightedly, to learn
about them, to press power into these new wings.
At two hundred fifty mlles per hour he felt that he was nearing his
level-flight maximum speed. At two hundred seventy-three he thought that
he was flying as fast as he could fly, and he was ever so faintly
disappointed. There was a limit to how much the new body could do, and
though it was much faster than his old level-flight record, it was still a
limit that would take great effort to crack. In heaven, he thought, there
should be no limits.

⨹ҸҹԴ §§ǩѹкԹǶ֧ͧ ͧҢͧѹºԹշشš! ֧͹鹢ͧ⨹Ҹҹ觻Сʢ աͧѹ蹤ǡѺԹѴ ⨹Ҹҹ¹ǡѺաͧ¤ԧŴ ѹʹѧ㹻աѹ ⨹Ҹҹ֡ѹͺ֧شͧ㹡úԹдѺç ѹԹ֧ͧԺͪ ѹԹͧԺͪ ѹԴѹԹٴö СѹԴѧ觷բͺࢵӡѴٻµͧѹ ѹкԹǡʶԵԺԹдѺç й鹡ѧ繢ͺࢵӡѴͧŷз ⨹ҸҹԴèբͺࢵӡѴä

The clouds broke apart, his escorts called, "Happy landings,
Jonathan," and vanished into thin air.

͹ᵡ͡ Ҵ·ͧͧ "͹ŧ¤ʹ¹⨹Ҹҹ" ǡѺҡȷҺҧ

He was flying over a sea, toward a jagged shoreline. A very few
seagulls were working the updrafts on the cliffs. Away off to the north,
at the horizon itself, flew a few others. New sights, new thoughts, new
questions. Why so few gulls? Heaven should be flocked with gulls! And why
am I so tired, all at once? Gulls in heaven are never supposed to be
tired, or to sleep.

⨹ҸҹԹ˹ͷ ǪҴآ ҧͧǡѧ֡Թ觢˹˹Ҽ աӹǹ˹觡ѧԹͺӡѺ͡价ҧ˹ 繷ȹҾ Դ ФӶ ֧չҧŹ¹ѡ äè仴½٧ҧ! зѹ֧˹¹ѡ ҧѹշѹѹ ҧäҨ˹ ͡ҨеͧѺ͹

Where had he heard that? The memory of his life on Earth was falling
away. Earth had been a place where he had learned much, of course, but the
details were blurred - something about fighting for food, and being

⨹ҸҹԹͧẺҨҡ˹ ç㹪Եšͧѹѧ˴ ͹š繷ѹ¹ҧҡ ´硹¡ѧҧ ͧǡѺ觪ԧ ͧ繵

The dozen gulls by the shoreline came to meet him, none saying a
word. He felt only that he was welcome and that this was home. It had been
a bigday for him, a day whose sunrise he no longer remembered.

ҧԺͧǨҡ½觵ç⨹Ҹҹ յ˹ٴѡ ⨹Ҹҹ֡ѹѺõ͹Ѻзͺҹ ѹѹӤѭѺѹ ѹѹմǧѹա

He turned to land on the beach, beating his wings to stop an inch in
the air, then dropping lightly to the sand, The other gulls landed too,
but not one of them so much as flapped a feather. They swung into the
wind, bright wings outstretched, then somehow they changed the curve of
their feathers until they had stopped in the same instant their feet
touched the ground. It was beautiful control, but now Jonathan was just
too tired to try it. Standiug there on the beach, still without a word
spoken, he was asleep.

⨹Ҹҹ ͹ŧҴ ջաش§˹觹ǿصҡ ǡ͹ŧ鹷ҧ ҧŵ ͹ŧ蹡ѹ ѡǷբҡ˹ѹ ǡع仡Ѻ ´աʴ͡ ǡѺ¹ǧ駷袹شѺ 㹢ǡѺҢͧѹо鹷 ѹҧ繡úѧѺǷ觴 㹵͹⨹Ҹҹ˹ԹҷͧӴٺҧ ѹѺ㹢з׹躹Ҵ·ѧٴѡ

In the days that followed, Jonathan saw that there was as much to
learn about flight in this place as there had been in the life behind him.
But with a difference. Here were gulls who thought as he thought, For each
of them, the most important thing in living was to reach out and touch
perfection in that which they most loved to do, and that was to fly. They
were magnificent birds, all of them, and they spent hour after hour every
day practicing flight, testing advanced aeronautics.

ѹ ⨹Ҹҹ觷ͧ¹ҡͧúԹʶҹ ͹Ѻ㹪Եѹͧѧ ᵡҧѹ ҧŷѡԴ͹ѺѹԴ Ѻеǹ觷Ӥѭش㹡ôçԵ͡ʤȫ觾ǡѡз 觹鹤͡úԹ ǡ鹷 ǡҪǪҷءѹҽ֡ԹͧԹҧҡȷʴ

For a long time Jonathan forgot about the world that he had come
from, that place where the Flock lived with its eyes tightly shut to the
joy of flight, using its wings as means to the end of finding and fighting
for food. But now and then, just for a moment, he remembered.

ҹҹǷ⨹Ҹҹšѹҡ ٧ҧԵ´ǧҷԴʹԷͤԧ㹡úԹ ٧ҧŹ աͧش§觪ԧ㹺ҧ駺ҧ§Ǻ⨹Ҹҹ֡ҧ

He remembered it one morning when he was out with his instructor,
while they rested on the beach after a session of folded-wing snap rolls.

ѹ˹⨹Ҹҹ͡仡Ѻټ͹ зѹѡҴѧҡСúԹ¾Ѻա ѹ֡

"Where is everybody, Sullivan?" he asked silently, quite at home now
with the easy telepathy that these gulls used instead of screes and

"˹ѹ ǹ" ⨹Ҹҹҧº ͹ѹ¡ѺõԴʹҴ¡ʨԵҧ ҧҹ᷹ˡҡ⡹Ǩ

"Why aren't there more of us here? Why, where I came from there
were.. "

"֧վǡҡҹ ѹҡՅ"

"... thousands and thousands of gulls. I know. " Sullivan shook his
head. "The only answer I can see, Jonathan, is that you are pretty well a
one-in-a-million bird. Most of us came along ever so slowly. We went from
one world into another that was almost exactly like it, forgettiug right
away where we had come from, not caring where we were headed, living for the moment.

".չҧ繾ѹ ѹ" ǹ "ӵͺǷѹͨ ⨹Ҹҹ 繹˹ҹ ǡǹҡҷԹ 仨ҡš˹աš˹觷ͺ͹ѹ ǡҨҡҷѹ ʹҨ˹ ͢㴢˹

Do you have any idea how many lives we must have gone through
before we even gor the first idea that there is more to life than eating,
or fighting, or power in the Flock? A thousand lives, Jon, ten thousand!
And then another hundred lives until we began to learn that there is such
a thing as perfection, and another hundred again to get the idea that our
purpose for living is to find that perfection and show it forth. The same
rule holds for us now, of course: we choose our next world through what we
learn in this one. Learn nothing, and the next world is the same as this
one, all the same limitations and lead weights to overcome."

ѡҵԷҵͧҹҡ͹ҨԴ繤á ԵդҡҡáԹ 觪ԧ ӹҨ㹽٧? 駾ѹҵ ⨹Ҹҹ 蹪ҵ! ǡա˹ªҵԷԴ㹡ôçԵͧ ǧҤѹ ࡳҧǡѹ鵡Ѻ㹻Ѩغѹ͹ ͡š˹ҢͧҨҡ觷¹š ¹ š˹ҡ͹š բͨӡѴ͹ ѹҧͧҪ"

He stretched his wings and turned to face the wind.


"But you, Jon,"
he said, "learned so much at one time that you didn't have to go through a
thousand lives to reach this one."

" ͹" ѹٴ "¹§ҹԴ ͧҹ駾ѹҵҶ֧ҵԹ"

In a moment they were airborne again, practicing. The formation
point-roils were difficult, for through the inverted half Jonathan had to
think upside down, reversing the curve of his wing, and reversing it
exactly in harmony with his instructor's.

Ǣеҹҧŷͧҡա ֡úԹ駤ҡ⨹ҸҹͧԴҵѧҡѺ Ѻա СѺ§Ѻټ͹

"Let's try it again."

Sullivan said over and over: "Let's try it again."


ǹٴǤ "ͧա"

Then, finally, "Good." And they began practicing outside loops.

㹷ش "" йҧŷͧ֡Թǧ͡

One evening the gulls that were not night-flying stood together on
the sand, thinking. Jonathan took all his courage in hand and walked to
the Elder Gull, who, it was said, was soon to be moving beyond this world.

ѹ˹ ôҹҧŷԹҧ׹׹ѹ躹Ҵ еҧԴ ⨹ҸҹǺҷԹҹҧż˭Ƿٴѹ 仾š

"Chiang..." he said a little nervously.

"§.." ⨹ҸҹǢ 硹

The old seagull looked at him kindly. "Yes, my son?" Instead of being
enfeebled by age, the Elder had been empowered by it; he could outfly any
gull in the Flock, and he had learned skills that the others were only
gradually coming to know.

ҧͧ⨹Ҹҹҧ "١" ᷹͹çآ ҧż˭ Ѻվѧ ѹöԹ˹͹ҧ 㹽٧ ѹ¹ӹԪӹҭҧ 觨й

"Chiang, this world isn't heaven at all, is it?"

"§ šä ?"

The Elder smiled in
the moonlight. "You are learning again, Jonathan Seagull," he said.

"͡ѧ¹աǹҧ⨹Ҹҹ" ѹٴ

"Well, what happens from here? Where are we going? Is there no such
place as heaven?"

" èԴѧҡ? ҡѧ˹ѹ շä͡?"

"No, Jonathan, there is no such place. Heaven is not a place, and it
is not a time. Heaven is being perfect." He was silent for a moment.

" ⨹Ҹҹ շä͡ äʶҹ С äͤ" §º仪Ǣ

"You are a very fast flier, aren't you?"

"繼Թҡ ?"

"I... I enjoy speed," Jonathan said, taken aback but proud that the
Elder had noticed.

"ѹѹͺ" ⨹Ҹҹ¢鹵СءСѡ 㨷ҧż˭ѧࡵ

"You will begin to touch heaven, Jonathan, in the moment that you
touch perfect speed. And that isn't flying a thousand miles an hour, or a
million, or flying at the speed of light. Because any number is a limit,
and perfection doesn't have limits. Perfect speed, my son, is being

"ͨä ⨹Ҹҹ Ͷ֧ҷʤȹ йúԹ¤˹觾ѹͪ ˹ҹ ͺԹ¤Ǣͧʧ Ҩӹǹ㴡繢ͺࢵӡѴ Фբͺࢵ ,١ѡ ͡件֧"

Without warning, Chiang vanished and appeared at the water's edge
fifty feet away, all in the flicker of an instant. Then he vanished again
and stood, in the same millisecond, at Jonathan's shoulder. "It's kind of
fun," he said.

»Ȩҡѭҳ §ѺлҡͺԺص͡ §ǺǢͧǢ˹ §ѺաСѺ§ҧͧ⨹Ҹҹ §Թҷ蹡ѹ "ʹء" §

Jonathan was dazzled. He forgot to ask about heaven.

⨹Ҹҹ ѹжͧä

"How do you do that? What does it feel like? How far can you go?"

"ͷҧҧ ֡ҧ ˹"

"You can go to any place and to any time that you wish to go," the
Elder said. "I've gone everywhere and everywhen I can think of." He looked
across the sea. "It's strange. The gulls who scorn perfection for the sake
of travel go nowhere, slowly. Those who put aside travel for the sake of
perfection go anywhere, instantly. Remember, Jonathan, heaven isn't a
place or a time, because place and time are so very meaningless. Heaven

"价˹ ˹ͻöҨ" ҧż˭ǵͺ "ѹǷء˹ء зءҷѹͨФԴ" §ͧͧ͡ " ѹҴ ҧŷ¤ͷ Ѻ˹ ǡͧ ѡʧҧ ˹ СǴǩѺѹ ⨹Ҹҹ äʶҹ͡ ʶҹС觹ѡ ä.."

"Can you teach me to fly like that?" Jonathan Seagull trembled to
conquer another unknown.

"͹ѹԹҧ" ҧ⨹ҸҹзҹоԪԵաѹ˹

"Of course if you wish to learn."
"I wish. When can we start?".

"͹ ҡ¹"
"ѹҡ Ҩѹ"

"We could start now if you'd like."

"ǹ ͵ͧ"

"I want to learn to fly like that," Jonathan said and a strange light
glowed in his eyes. "Tell me what to do,"
Chiang spoke slowly and watched the younger gull ever so carefully.

"To fly as fast as thought, to anywhere that is," he said, "you must begin
by knowing that you have already arrived ..."
The trick, according to Chiang, was for Jonathan to stop seeing
himself as trapped inside a limited body that had a forty-two inch
wingspan and performance that could be plotted on a chart. The trick was
to know that his true nature lived, as perfect as an unwritten number,
everywhere at once across space and time.

"÷кԹҤ֡Դ 价˹" § "ͨеͧ¤Դ件֧Dž" § Ѻ⨹ҸҹͧԡͧͧҶ١ѡҧ·ӡѴ§ԺͧǿصͧǢͧաͨ͢ӡѴͧúԹ麹ҧ Ѻ е֧ͧҵԷԧͧͧ ء 㹩Ѻѹ ʶҹС ͹Ţյ¹

Jonathan kept at it, fiercely, day after day, from before sunrise
till past midnight. And for all his effort he moved not a feather width
from his spot.

ѹѹ ⨹Ҹҹҽ֡ҧ˴͹ѹ鹨§׹ д¤ҹз⨹ҸҹѺ͹ҡ˹觷ͧѹǧ

"Forget about faith!" Chiang said it time and again. "You didn't need
faith to fly, you needed to understand flying.This is jast the same. Now
try again ..."

"ѷҫ!" §ٴǾٴա "ͧѷͨкԹ ͵ͧä㨡úԹ ͹ա ͧաի.."

Then one day Jonathan, standing on the shore, closing his eyes,
concentrating, all in a flash knew what Chiang had been telling him.

"Why, that's true! I am a perfect, unlimited gull!" He felt a great shock of

ѹ˹ ⨹Ҹҹ׹½ Ѻ ѹ㴹ѹ觶֧觷§͡ѹ

" ѹ 繹ҧŷբͺࢵӡѴ!" ѹ֡˹¤Թ觹ѡ

"Good!" said Chiang and there was victory in his voice.

"!" §ժª㹹§ͧѹ

Jonathan opened his eyes. He stood alone with the Elder on a totally
different seashore - trees down to the water's edge, twin yellow suns
turning overhead.

⨹ҸҹҢ ѹ׹ⴴѺҧż˭躹½觻Ҵա ŧ价ͺ ǧѹͧͧǧع¹˹

"At last you've got the idea," Chiang said, "but your control needs a
little work... "

"㹷ش͡Դ" § "úѧѺͧ͵ͧ֡˹…"

Jonathan was stunned. "Where are we?"
⨹Ҹҹع "˹"

Utterly unimpressed with the strange surroundings, the Elder brushed
the question aside.

ҧż˭ѴӶ ·鹡ѺҾǴҴ

"We're on some planet, obviously, with a green sky and
a double star for a sun."
Jonathan made a scree of delight, the first sound he had made since
he had left Earth. "IT WORKS!"

"Ѵ 躹Ǿǧ˹觷շͧ մͧǧ᷹ǧѹ" ⨹Ҹҹ§¤

繤áѹ§ͧѺҡš ""

"Well, of course, it works, Jon." said Chiang. "It always works, when
you know what you're doing. Now about your control..."

" ͹ѹ ͹" §ٴ "ѹҡѧ չͧúѧѺͧͅ."

By the time they returned, it was dark. The other gulls looked at
Jonathan with awe in their golden eyes, for they had seen him disappear
from where he had been rooted for so long. He stood their congratulations for less than a minute.

Ͷ֧͹ҧŷͧѺ״ ҧ ͧ⨹Ҹҹ´ǧշͧҧҴ оǡ⨹Ҹҹ仨ҡѹҹҹ ⨹Ҹҹ׹Ѻ¾ù§֧ҷ

"I'm the newcomer here! I'm just beginning! It is I who must learn from you!"

"ѹ繼! ѹ觨! ѹ繼ͧ¹ҡ !"

"I wonder about that, Jon," said Sullivan standing near. "You have
less fear of learning than any gull I've seen in ten thousand years. "The
Flock fell silent, and Jonathan fidgeted in embarrassment.

"ѹͧ ͹" ǹ׹ ٴ "դҴǷ¹¡ҹҧ ѹ蹻" ٧ҧŹº ⨹Ҹҹ֡ѡ

"We can start working with time if you wish," Chiang said, "till you
can fly the past and the future. And then you will be ready to begin the
most difficult, the most powerful, the most fun of all. You will be ready
to begin to fly up and know the meaning of kindness and of love."

"֡ǡѺ ͵ͧ" §Ǣ "зöԹʹյ͹Ҥ ͹ͨ觷ҡش վѧش ʹءش ͨоԹ ֧¢ͧФѡ"

A month went by, or something that felt about like a month, and
Jonathan learned at a tremendous rate. He always had learned quickly from
ordinary experience, and now, the special student of the Elder Himself, he
took in new ideas like a streamlined feathered computer.
But then the day came that Chiang vanished. He had been talking
quietly with them all, exhorting them never to stop their learning and
their practicing and their striving to understand more of the perfect
invisible principle of all life. Then, as he spoke, his feathers went
brighter and brighter and at last turned so brilliant that no gull could
look upon him.

˹͹ 觷֡ Ѻ˹͹ҹ ⨹Ҹҹ¹Ǩҡʺó ж֧͹ѡ¹ɢͧҧż˭ͧ ԴǡѺͧ좹 ѹ§Ѻ仡Ҷ֧ §ѧҧº Ѻôҹҧŷ еǡش駡¹ ֡ ԪԵ ͷѡ觪Եŷͧ觢 Ǣзѹٴ ͧ§ʴʢ 㹷شԴҡзչҧͧ§

"Jonathan," he said, and these were the last words that he spoke,
"keep working on love."

"⨹Ҹҹ" §ٴ С繤ش·ѹٴ

When they could see again, Chiang was gone.
As the days went past, Jonathan found himself thinking time and again
of the Earth from which he had come. If he had known there just a tenth,
just a hundredth, of what he knew here, how much more life would have
meant! He stood on the sand and fell to wondering if there was a gull back
there who might be struggling to break out of his limits, to see the
meaning of flight beyond a way of travel to get a breadcrumb from a
rowboat. Perhaps there might even have been one made Outcast for speaking
his truth in the face of the Flock. And the more Jonathan practiced his
kindness lessons, and the more he worked to know the nature of love, the
more he wanted to go back to Earth. For in spite of his lonely past,
Jonathan Seagull was born to be an instructor, and his own way of
demonstrating love was to give something of the truth that he had seen to
a gull who asked only a chance to see truth for himself.
Sullivan, adept now at thought-speed flight and helping the others to
learn, was doubrful.

⨹Ҹҹ׹躹Ҵ ʧҨչҧѡǷѧͿѹࢵǧӡѴ͡ ͷо¢ͧúԹ͡˹仨ҡԹɢѧҡ͡§ ҧҨչѡǷ趡٢Ѻ繵ǡ 㹰ҹзٴԧ˹ҽ٧ҧ ⨹Ҹҹ֡ҡ ֡¹ҵԢͧѡ ѹҡѺѧšҡҹ ѹʹյ ⨹Ҹҹ Դ繤ټ͹ ˹ҧѹʹͤѡԧҧС÷ѹ龺 ͹ҧѡǷͧ§͡ʷФҤԧ鵹ͧ ǹ觺ѴӪͧ㹡úԹǤԴСѧ¹ ¹ ѧʧ¹ѡ

"Jon, you were Outcast once. Why do you think that any of the gulls
in your old time would listen to you now? You know the proverb, and it's
true: The gull sees farthest who flies highest. Those gulls where you came
from are standing on the ground, squawking and fighting among themselves.
They're a thousand miles from heaven - and you say you want to show them
heaven from where they stand! Jon, they can't see their own wingtips! Stay
here. Help the new gulls here, the ones who are high enough to see what
you have to tell them."

"͹ ˹繵 Ͷ֧ԴҹҧŤ駡͹ҢͧͨѺѧ㹵͹ Ե繨ԧ : ҧŷԹ٧ش ͧŷش ҧŷͨҡҹ׹鹷 ͧ觪ԧѹͧǡҧä駾ѹ ҡʴ繶֧äҡ׹! ͹ ǡͧ»աͧ! Դ ¹ҧ ҧŷ٧觾ͷ觷ͺ͡ҿѧ"

He was quiet for a moment, and then he said, "What
if Chiang had gone back to his old worlds? Where would you have been

ǹº仪Ǥ Ǿٴա "ҡ§Ѻšͧ¡͹? ͨҧѹ?"

The last point was the telling one, and Sullivan was right The gull
sees farthest who flies highest.
Jonathan stayed and worked with the new birds coming in, who were all
very bright and quick with their lessons. But the old feeling came back,
and he couldn't help but think that there might be one or two gulls back
on Earth who would be able to learn, too. How much more would he have
known by now if Chiang had come to him on the day that he was Outcast!

شش¹駹ѡ Ыǹٴ١ ҧŷԹ٧ش ͧŷش ⨹ҸҹЪ½֡ ǡ鹷ҴǴ㹺¹ҧ ֡ҡѺա ⨹ҸҹФԴҨչҧѡͧǺš ö¹ ⨹Ҹҹ¹ҡ㹺Ѵҡ§ѹѹѹ١Ѻ繵!

"Sully, I must go back " he said at last "Your students are doing
well. They can help you bring the newcomers along."
Sullivan sighed, but he did not argue.

" ѹͧѺ" ⨹Ҹҹٴ㹷ش "ѡ¹ͧ͡ѧ ҨЪͽ֡ " ǹ͹

"I think I'll miss you, Jonathan," was all he said.

"ѹԴҤФԴ֧ ⨹Ҹҹ" ѹٴ

"Sully, for shame!" Jonathan said in reproach, "and don't be foolish!
What are we trying to practice every day? If our friendship depends on
things like space and time, then when we finally overcome space and time,
we've destroyed our own brotherhood! But overcome space, and all we have
left is Here. Overcome time, and all we have left is Now. And in the
middle of Here and Now, don't you think that we might see each other once
or twice?"

" !" ⨹Ҹҹٴҧ˹ "ǡ! ҡѧ֡ءѹ? ҡԵҾͧҢѺ觷ʶҹС ҾԪԵʶҹС㹷ش ҡҴҾͧͧ! ҾԪԵʶҹҡ ҾԪԵ ҡѨغѹҧҧͧ Ѩغѹ ԴҨ龺ѹաѡͧ?"

Sullivan Seagull laughed in spite of himself.


"You crazy bird," he said kindly. "If anybody can show someone on the ground how to see a thousand miles, it will be Jonathan Livingston Seagull."

"͹" ѹٴҧ㨴 "ҨѡǷз躹š͡ѡѹ 礧繹ҧ : ⨹Ҹҹ Կԧʵѹ ͧ"

He looked at the sand. "Good-bye, Jon, my friend."

ǹͧپ鹷 "ҡ͹ ͹͹ѹ"

"Good bye, Sully. We'll meet again."

"ҡ͹ Ҩоѹա"

And with that, Jonathan held in
thought an image of the great gull flocks on the shore of another time,
and he knew with practiced ease that he was not bone and feather but a
perfect idea of freedom and flight, limited by nothing at all.

дѧ ⨹ҸҹҴҾҧš˭躹Ҵͧա˹ ѹ§´ѧ֡ҵѹд١Т 繤֡ԴѹóҾСúԹ 繢ͨӡѴҧ

. . . . .

Fletcher Lynd Seagull was still quite young, but already he knew that
no bird had ever been so harshly treated by any Flock, or with so much

ҧŷ Թ ѧ˹ ѹչ ¶١ԺѵԵͺҧعç½٧ҧصԸѹ

"I don't care what they say," he thought fiercely, and his vision
blurred as he flew out toward the Far Cliffs.

"ѹҾǡ鹨оٴ" ѹԴҧ˹ѡ˹ǧµѹͺԹ͡ ˹Ҽ

"There's so much more to flying than just flapping around from place to place! A... a... mosquito does that! One little barrel roll around the Elder Gull, just for fun, and I'm Outcast! Are they blind? Can't they see? Can't they think of the glory
that it'll be when we really learn to fly?

"úԹ ҡ¡§áоͻա ҡ˹ա˹! ……ا ҧ ѹ§Թعҹͺ ҧż˭Դ ͤʹءҹ ѹ繵 ǡ鹵Һʹѧ ǡͧ ǡ鹤Դ֧è¹úԹҧԧѧ

"I don't care what they think. I'll show them what flying is! I'll be
pure Outlaw, if that's the way they want it. And I'll make them so

"ѹҾǡ鹨ФԴҧ ѹʴҡúԹҧ ѹʴҡúԹҧ! ѹ繵ǹ͡͡ࡳԧ ҵͧẺ Щѹз㨹ѡDž"

The voice came inside his own head, and though it was very gentle, it
startled him so much that he faltered and stumbled in the air.

§˹觴ѧǢͧŷ Թ §鹨͹¹ ѹҡЧѡдشҧҡ

"Don't be harsh on them, Fletcher Seagull. In casting you out, the
other gulls have only hurt themselves, and one day they will know this,
and one day they will see what you see. Forgive them, and help them to

"ҧعçѺǡҹѡ ҧŷ âѺ͡ҹ鹹ҧ µͧ ѡѹ˹觾ǡ鹨 ѡѹ˹觾ǡ鹨觷 Ш"

An inch from his right wingtip flew the most brilliant white gull in
all the world, gliding effortlessly along, not moving a feather, at what
was very nearly Fletcher's top speed.
There was a moment of chaos in the young bird.

ҧŷʴʷشšѧԹҧҡ»աҢͧŷ§˹觹 ͹§»Ȩҡ Ѻ СԹͺҤ٧شͧŷ ѹ繪ǢТͧ蹻ǹҹ˹

"What's going on? Am I
mad? Am I dead? What is this?"

"Դâ ѹ ѹù"

Low and calm, the voice went on within his thought, demanding an

§鹴ѧա㹤Դͧŷ й жҤӵͺ

"Fletcher Lynd Seagull, do you want to fly?"

"ŷ ԹҧҡԹ"


" ѹҡԹ!"

"Fletcher Lynd Seagull, do you want to fly so much that you will
forgive the Flock, and learn, and go back to them one day and work to help
them know?"

"ŷ Թ ҧ" ҡԹҡзͨ٧ ¹ СѺҾǡѡѹ˹ Ъ"

There was no lying to this magniflcent skillful being, no matter how
proud or how hurt a bird was Fletcher Seagull.

ҹҧŷзйͻǴѡ ѹդ黴稵ҹӹԪӹҭɹ

"I do " he said softly.

"" ѹͺҧ͹¹

"Then, Fletch," that bright creature said to him, and the voice was very kind,

"let's begin with Level Flight...."

" ŷ" ѵءʾٴѺѹ §س觹ѡ


"ѹҡ¹кԹẺ" ⨹Ҹҹٴ ʧҴٺҺ㹴ǧҢͧѹ "͡ѹҨзҧ" §ٴҧ Ҵҹҧ˹ҧԴ


⨹Ҹҹ Կԧʵѹ : ҧ

: Richard Bach

  1. ѹѺ ѧ  ԡ

  2. ҭԷ ɵ   ͹ 1  ͹ 2    ͹ 3

  3.   ... ֡ķ   PDF      


⨹Ҹҹ Կԧʵѹ : ҧ 


⨹Ҹҹ Կԧʵѹ : ҧ

   It was morning, and the new sun sparkled gold across the ripples of a gentle sea. A mile from shore a fishing boat chummed the water. and the word for Breakfast Flock flashed through the air, till a crowd of a thousand seagulls came to dodge and fight for bits of food.

      ... ֡ķ

   ͹ ҷԵáԴͧ͡Ѻ价駷ŷդ зҧ˹ҡ  һ˹觡ǹӷ繤  Фӷ¶֧úԹШҡ  з觹ҧ繽٧ҳѹҺԹ⩺  ѹ ԡѺ  PDF      

  ¹͹ԡ 1  ҹҧԹ

1. Ѵ 2. ǡ
3.  ͹Ẻ˹Ե 4.  ͹躹йҺ
5.  ͹ͧǵѹ 6. ûء졮͹ͧǵѹ
7.  ҹоѧҹ  8.  ô
9.  ع   10.  Ţͧѵ
11. ͹ẺҺ 12. ״
13. ʵͧ   14. ҳ͹  䡡ö͹͹
15. ͷ˹ͧͧ䴹ԡ  16. سѵԧšŢͧ
17.  18. Ф§

  ¹͹ԡ 2  ҹҧԹ  

1. 俿ʶԵ 2.  ʹ俿
3. ҧͧ¿  4.  纻ШСõ͵ǵҹҹ 
5. ѡ俿 6. 俿 
7. ʹ  8.˹ǹ
9. 俿ҡѺ  10. ҹ 
11. ʹ俿ҡ 

12. ʧСͧ

13. ɮѷҾ 14. ʵ͹
15. çҧͧе 16.  

  ¹͹ԡ  ҹҧԹ

1. ʵ ( kinematic)

   2. žʵ (kinetics) 

3. ҹ 4. ԡ §
5.  ͧšѺ͹ 6.俿ʶԵѺ俿 
7. 俿  8.    俿ҡѺʧ
9.  ɮѷҾ е  


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