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 I haven't got my keys, and Sarah hasn't got hers either.   > 27A either
 The James Bond stories were written by Ian Fleming.   > 89A by
 Paul is an old friend of mine.   > 164D POSSESSIVE PRONOUN
 It's hard work cycling up a steep hill.   > 209A up
 I don't understand what's gone wrong.   > 228 understand
 The children have gone swimming.   > 124B go
 My feet are as cold as ice.   > 206C as ... as ...
 What sort of work does your brother do? ~ He's an engineer.   > 152G JOBS
 I feel much better today, thank you.   > 206G much
 10 The accident happened at three o'clock yesterday afternoon.   > 43B PAST SIMPLE
 11 That's the woman who does my hair.   > 268A who
 12 Can you turn the lights off when you leave?   > 221 off
 13 I bought a kilo of sugar at the supermarket.   > 138 OF-STRUCTURE
 14 Haven't you finished writing that report yet? ~ No, not quite.   > 194B yet
 15 Swimming is certainly more tiring than walking.   > 203D COMPARISON
 16 These chairs are both ugly and uncomfortable.   > 233E both ... and ...
 17 You won't be allowed to use your mobile on the plane.   > 75C be allowed to
 18 London is on the River Thames.   > 163D the
 19 Where did you work before you came here?   > 14B INVERSION
 20 These photos are good. ~ Yes, that one's nice, isn't it?   > 20E QUESTION TAG
 21 I didn't go out because it was raining.   > 36A it
 22 The garage is at the side of the house.   > 133C OF-STRUCTURE
 23 If the train is late, I'll be really annoyed.   > 245A TYPE 1 CONDITIONAL
 24  Let's go for a walk, shall we?   > 11F shall we?
 25 That camera belongs to my friend.   > 40A PRESENT SIMPLE
 26 It's good to see you. Thank you for coming here today.   > 191B ORDER OF ADVERBIALS
 27 What time are you going to leave tomorrow?   > 55 going to
 28 Oh, how awful that must have been!   > 12B how
 29 A policeman told me to move out of the way.   > 264A REPORTING
 30 There's just too much furniture in this room.   > 167B much
 31 It'll be quickest to go by plane.   > 215E by
 32 Paper should be recycled if possible.   > 70E MODAL VERB
 33 I have to go to work tomorrow.   > 160D work
 34 A fire was started accidentally, but we were able to put it out.   > 219B PHRASAL VERB
 35 The company has thousands of customers happy with its service.   > 184A ADJECTIVE
 36  Do you have a ticket?   > 66D have
 37 You're supposed to drive at thirty miles an hour along here.   > 155A SPEED
 38 When I woke that morning, I saw that it was snowing quite heavily.   > 47C PAST CONTINUOUS
 39 I had a long conversation with your sister.   > 140C conversation
 40  Would you like one of these cakes? ~ Oh, yes, please.   > 81C would like
 41  Most of my work on the project has been wasted.   > 169B most of
 42 I've been ill, so I haven't been able to do any work.   > 80B be able to
 43  How often do you go to the gym? ~ Three times a week.   > 16C how often
 44 Where have I put the bag? ~ Here it is, look.   > 34C INVERSION
 45 I can't buy a new computer. I've only had this one for six months.   > 44B PRESENT PERFECT
 46 Make a note of the address so that you won't forget it.   > 240B so that
 47 I told you there would be trouble, and there was.   > 262E MODAL VERB
 48 That's the boy whose father was arrested.   > 270A whose
 49 I felt nervous with all those people watching me.   > 128B PARTICIPLE
 50  Every ticket has the same chance of winning a prize.   > 146C every