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ฝึกอ่านเว็บฝรั่ง 250 คำศัพท์ชวนสับสน


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a lot จำนวนมาก
allot  แบ่งปัน
A lot is two words meaning "much": A lot of bologna was left over from the party.
a while ชั่วครู่
awhile เป็น adv
A while is two words meaning "a short period of time": I will meet you in a while.
A is an indefinite article to be used before nouns beginning with a consonant: a photograph, a tree, ahorse.
An is to be used before nouns beginning with a vowel (or vowel sound): an apple, an hour, an elephant.
And is a conjunction used between nouns in a list: A blanket and picnic basket are needed for the afternoon.
accede ยอมทำตาม
exceed  เกิน
Accede means "to agree or allow": Hiram Cheaply finallyacceded to accepting the presidency of the company.
Exceed means "to go beyond, to surpass": The amount of alcohol in his blood exceeded the previous record.
accept รับ,ยอมรับ
except นอกจาก
Accept means "to take willingly": Miss Deeds acceptedthe cup of hot tea even without a saucer.
Except is a preposition meaning "excluding": Everyone was disappointed with the party except Ida Goodtime.
adapt ปรับ
adept เก่ง,ชำนาญ
adopt นำมาใช้
Adapt means "to adjust": Minnie Miles quickly adapted to living away from home.
Adept means "skilled": Lucille is adept at speaking languages.
Adopt means to "accept as your own": It was difficult to adopt only one puppy from the animal shelter.
adverse เป็นผลเสีย
averse ซึ่งรังเกียจ
Adverse means "unfavorable, hostile": Those driving in adverse winter conditions may be putting themselves at risk.
Averse means "unwilling or repelled": She was immediately averse to the idea.
advice คำแนะนำ
advise  แนะนำ
Advice is a noun meaning "an opinion given with the intention of helping": My mother still gives me advice even though I'm 40 years old.
Advise is a verb meaning "to give counsel or advice": The meteorologist advised listeners to stay indoors because of the extremely cold temperatures.

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