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Prefixes and Suffixes ที่เจอบ่อย น่าจดจำ

 prefix และ suffix ที่นำมาแสดงข้างล่างนี้ ผมดูแล้วเป็นอันที่เจอบ่อย และไม่มากไม่น้อยเกินไป พอเหมาะกับการจดจำ

ตัวอย่างในคอลัมน์ที่ 3 ซึ่งไฮไลท์สีเหลืองนั้น ท่านไฮไลท์คำศัพท์เพื่อศึกษาคำแปลไทยหรือความหมายภาษาอังกฤษได้

ที่มา :


  Prefix Meaning Examples
1 a in, on, of, up, to abed, afoot
2 a without, lacking atheist, agnostic
3 ab from, away, off abdicate, abjure
4 ad to, toward advance
5 am friend, love amicable, amatory
6 ante before, previous antecedent, antedate
7 anti against, opposing antipathy, antidote
8 auto self autonomy, autobiography
9 belli war, warlike bellicose
10 bene well, good benefit, benefactor
11 bi two bisect, biennial
12 bio life biology, biosphere
13 cata down, away, thoroughly catastrophe, cataclysm
14 chron time chronometer, synchronize
15 circum around circumspect, circumference
16 com with, together, very commotion, complicate
17 contra against, opposing contradict, contravene
18 cred belief, trust credible, credit
19 de from depart
20 dem people demographics, democracy
21 dia through, across, apart diameter, diagnose
22 dis away, off, down, not dissent, disappear
23 epi upon epilogue
24 equi equal, equally equivalent
25 ex out extract
26 for away, off, from forget, forswear
27 fore before, previous foretell, forefathers
28 homo same, equal homogenized
29 hyper excessive, over hypercritical, hypertension
30 hypo under, beneath hypodermic, hypothesis
31 in in, into intrude, invade
32 in not, opposing incapable, ineligible
33 inter among, between intercede, interrupt
34 intra within intramural, intrastate
35 magn large magnitude, magnify
36 mal bad, poorly, not malfunction
37 micr small microbe, microscope
38 mis bad, poorly, not misspell, misfire
39 mono one, single monogomy, monologue
40 mor die, death mortality, mortuary
41 neo new neolithic, neoconservative
42 non not nonentity, nonsense
43 ob against, opposing objection
44 omni all, everywhere omniscient
45 ortho right, straight orthogonal, orthodox
46 over above overbearing
47 pan all, entire panorama, pandemonium
48 para beside, beyond parallel, paradox
49 per through perceive, permit
50 peri around periscope, perimeter
51 phil love, like philosophy, philanthropic
52 poly many polymorphous, polygamous
53 post after, following postpone, postscript
54 pre before, previous prevent, preclude
55 prim first, early primitive, primary
56 pro forward, in place of propel, pronoun
57 re back, backward, again revoke, recur
58 retro back, backward retrospect, retrograde
59 semi half, partly semicircle, semicolon
60 sub under, beneath subjugate, substitute
61 super above, extra supersede, supernumerary
62 sym with, together sympathy, symphony
63 trans across, beyond, over transact, transport
64 ultra beyond, excessively ultramodern, ultrasonic, ultraviolet
65 un not, reverse of unhappy, unlock
66 uni one uniform, unity
67 vis to see visage, visable
  Suffix Meaning Examples
1 able able to, likely capable, tolerable
2 age process, state, rank passage, bondage
3 ance act, condition, fact acceptance, vigilance
4 arch to rule monarch
5 ard one that does excessively drunkard, wizard
6 ate having, showing separate, desolate
7 ation action, state, result occupation, starvation
8 cy state, condition accuracy, captaincy
9 dom state, rank, condition serfdom, wisdom
10 en cause to be, become deepen, strengthen
11 er one who does teacher
12 esce become, grow, continue convalesce, acquiesce
13 esque in the style of, like picturesque, grotesque
14 ess feminine waitress, lioness
15 fic making, causing terrific, beatific
16 ful full of, marked by thankful, zestful
17 fy make, cause, cause to have glorify, fortify
18 hood state, condition manhood, statehood
19 ible able, likely, fit edible, possible, divisible
20 ion action, result, state union, fusion
21 ish suggesting, like churlish, childish
22 ism act, manner, doctrine barbarism, socialism
23 ist doer, believer monopolist, socialist
24 ition action, state, result sedition, expedition
25 ity state, quality, condition acidity, civility
26 ize make, cause to be, treat with sterilize, mechanize, criticize
27 less lacking, without hopeless, countless
28 like like, similar childlike, dreamlike
29 logue type of speaking or writing prologue
30 ly like, of the nature of friendly, positively
31 ment means, result, action refreshment, disappointment
32 ness quality, state greatness, tallness
33 or doer, office, action juror, elevator, honor
34 ous marked by, given to religious, riotous
35 ship the art or skill of statesmanship
36 some apt to, showing tiresome, lonesome
37 th act, state, quality warmth, width
38 tude quality, state, result magnitude, fortitude
39 ty quality, state enmity, activity
40 ward in the direction of backward, homeward



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