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TOEIC คำที่ 601 - 700

601 growth n. development; progress
602 accordance n. conformity; agreement; coordination; suitability
603 field n. area; domain; range; piece of land; surface
604 nominee n. person who has been appointed; candidate
605 landscaper n. person who designs gardens or large areas
606 apparatus n. device; system; machine; gadget; appliance
607 fair n. festival; exhibition; show; market; bazaar
608 specialty n. distinguishing mark; unique ability; area of expertise
609 fellow n. friend; member of an academic organization; suitor
610 anniversary n. yearly date commemorating a special event; birthday
611 abound v. to be plentiful; to be filled with; to overflow with
612 accrue v. to compile; to increase; to accumulate; to grow
613 cash v. to exchange a check (or another money order) for coins and bank notes; to redeem
614 finance v. to raise money for; to provide with funds; to fund; to pay for
615 repair v. to fix; to mend; to correct a problem or malfunction
616 task v. to give assignments; to overburden; to strain
617 form v. to shape; to create; to design; to arrange; to be created
618 pioneer v. to pave the way; to create a path; to guide; to initiate; to originate
619 pounce v. to fall on; to storm; to invade; to attack; to seize; to assault
620 profit v. to earn income; to make financial gains; to be of service; to be beneficial
621 part adj. somewhat
622 observe v. to watch; to study; to monitor; to supervise; to discern
623 threat n. expression of intent to damage or injure; intimidation; danger
624 bargain v. to negotiate; to arrive at an agreement
625 willingness n. readiness; agreeableness
626 barbed wire n. metal cord with sharp projecting points
627 interfere v. to impede; to obstruct; to hinder; to meddle
628 document n. certificate; written file
629 article v. to bind with a contract
630 ill n. trouble; misfortune; evil; harm; disease; sickness
631 ill adj. sick; bad; unfriendly; unsatisfactory; inadequate; inferior
632 grateful adj. thankful; appreciative; expressing thanks
633 audio adj. pertaining to hearing and listening; sound
634 modest adj. humble; unpretentious; unassuming; simple; limited
635 introductory adj. preliminary; beginning
636 elevator n. lift; mechanical apparatus for moving people or items from floor to floor within a building
637 savvy adj. experienced; knowledgeable (Slang)
638 commercial adj. pertaining to business; pertaining to buying and selling
639 substitute adj. acting as a replacement
640 record adj. comprising the best result ever attained
641 progress n. headway; forward movement; development; advancement
642 commodity n. merchandise; goods; item that is bought and sold; something useful
643 shareholder n. person or organization that owns part of a company
644 resignation n. act of quitting a position; letter stating that one quits a position; relinquishment
645 requirement n. something that is demanded; necessity; something that is needed
646 asset n. something of value (property, equipment, goods, etc.); item of quality; something beneficial
647 hospital n. location where sick and injured people receive medical treatment
648 dot n. spot; speck; part (the point) in an Internet web address
649 back n. part of a chair; rear part of the human body
650 key n. device used to open locks; button on a board
651 excel v. to be talented; to do very well; to surpass; to do better than
652 install v. to set up for use; to put in (i.e. machinery); to establish in an office or position
653 interest v. to cause to become involved in; to arouse curiosity
654 entitle v. to give a heading or name to (i.e. a book, painting, etc.); to grant a right; to claim something
655 ensure v. to make certain; to guarantee; to make secure
656 renew v. to restore to good condition; to restart; to resume; to refresh
657 salvage v. to save from destruction; to rescue
658 share v. to divide; to apportion; to receive a portion; to participate
659 market v. to sell; to trade or deal; to distribute; to promote
660 bias v. to prejudice; to influence opinions
661 fluency n. ability to speak and write easily; eloquence; articulateness; gracefulness
662 repetition n. reiteration; act of redoing something
663 profitable adj. lucrative; paying; rewarding; beneficial; producing income
664 leverage v. to use one's influence to affect people or circumstances
665 perhaps adv. maybe; possibly; could be
666 currency n. national money of a country; circulation; custom; prevalence
667 excellent adj. superior; extraordinary; outstanding
668 rival adj. being in competition; contending
669 above adv. overhead; over; in a higher place
670 diverse adj. different; varied
671 changeable adj. arbitrary; fickle; flexible
672 pleased adj. content; satiated; having one's desires satisfied
673 compliant adj. obedient; submissive; obliging; yielding; acquiescent
674 recent adj. new; fresh; late; of late times
675 tight adj. close-fitting; tense; narrow
676 uncertain adj. doubtful; not reliable; ambiguous
677 key adj. important; significant; fundamental; necessary; crucial
678 gross adj. inclusive; complete; total; general; without deductions
679 pertinent adj. relevant; related; appropriate; fitting
680 lucrative adj. profitable; yielding monetary rewards; gainful
681 competitor n. rival; (i.e. Coca Cola and Pepsi); person who participates in a contest
682 outlet n. exit; electrical source for connecting appliances; store; shop; joint
683 frank n. mark or signature which allows a letter or package to be sent free of charge
684 repo n. agreement in which the seller of securities agrees to buy them back at a specified time and price
685 chef n. professional cook; head cook in a restaurant of hotel
686 audience n. group of people who attend a seminar, a talk, etc.
687 season n. one of the four quarters of the year (winter, spring, summer, autumn)
688 name adj. reputed; famous
689 constant n. number with a fixed value; factor
690 composition n. make-up; constitution; essay
691 key v. to fit; to adapt; to adjust; to tune; to supply with an explanatory device
692 consume v. to eat or drink; to use up; to destroy
693 loom v. to appear as a large and indistinct form; to appear as larger than life; to impend
694 swap v. to exchange one thing for another; to trade; to barter
695 innovator n. person who makes changes; person who introduces new methods or procedures; creative person
696 belief n. opinion; creed; religion; faith; conviction
697 cause v. to make happen; to bring about
698 disappear v. to go out of sight; to become extinct; to cease to exist; to vanish
699 compromise v. to establish an agreement; to settle a dispute
700 refuse v. to decline; to deny; to reject

TOEIC คำที่ 501 - 600

501 nominate v. to appoint someone (for a position, office, or honor); to designate; to select
502 comfortable adj. easy; relaxing; cosy; financially well to do
503 registering n. list; record; regulator; gauge
504 salary n. periodic wage paid to someone for work; pay
505 puzzle v. to mystify; to baffle; to confound; to confuse; to perplex
506 shelf n. a support that consists of a horizontal surface for holding objects; projection; rock ledge; sandbank
507 however conj. in what way?
508 garner n. place where grain is stored; granary; storehouse; collection; store
509 unless conj. not before; precluding; barring; except; aside from
510 export v. to ship; to send abroad; to sell goods and products overseas
511 impressive adj. grand; magnificent; striking
512 overt adj. plain; clear; visible; public; intentional; undisguised (Law)
513 unauthorized adj. unlicensed; forbidden; unlawful
514 quality adj. excellent; having superior characteristics; fine
515 acquisition n. purchase; something that has been purchased or obtained
516 mayor n. elected official acting as executive head of a town or city
517 paramount adj. superior; supreme; above all; of the highest rank; most important
518 own adj. belonging to oneself or itself (mine, yours, his, etc.); self; by oneself
519 succinct adj. stated briefly but clearly; clear and concise; short and to the point
520 firm adj. strong; solid; stable; fixed; immovable; determined
521 postage n. fee for sending letters or packages by mail
522 streamline n. path along which a fluid flows; direction in which a particle flows; aerodynamic shape
523 capital requirement n. the level of monetary funding a company needs to run smoothly
524 rear n. back end; hindmost unit of an army (or fleet, etc.)
525 implementation n. realization; carrying out; performing; putting into effect; execution
526 food n. nourishment; substance which provides the body with nutrients; sustenance
527 success n. attainment of something desired or attempted; accomplishment; prosperity
528 money n. coins and paper notes which have value; currency; medium of trade; wealth
529 regular n. frequent customer; repeat customer
530 limit n. point at which something ends; edge; border; restriction; restraint
531 circumstance v. to place in particular situations
532 condition v. to train; to accustom; to adapt; to stipulate; to prepare
533 endure v. to put up with something or somebody unpleasant
534 slot v. to notch; to groove; to assign to a place or position (in an organization, system, etc.)
535 devise v. to plan; to invent; to design
536 arrive v. to reach a destination; to return; to come back; to succeed
537 interview v. to question formally; to evaluate through questioning
538 enlighten v. to instruct; to provide with intellectual or spiritual understanding
539 exit v. to leave; to go out
540 debut v. to perform for the first time; to make one's premiere performance
541 suggestion n. proposal; recommendation; insinuation; hint
542 cautious adj. careful; wary; suspicious
543 neglect v. to disregard; to ignore; to forget to perform (a duty); to shirk; to abandon
544 although conj. despite the fact that; in spite of the fact that
545 blue sky laws n. rules introduced by the government to regulate the trade of securities and mutual funds
546 possibility n. probability; feasibility; chance; likelihood
547 resilience n. elasticity; cheerfulness; quality of quickly recovering from sadness or failure; buoyancy
548 yet adv. still; already; but; in spite of; although
549 set n. system; group of items; collection; posture; carriage; series; sequence
550 cheap adj. opposite of expensive; inexpensive
551 distinctive adj. special; unique; different
552 prepaid adj. remunerated ahead of time; settled beforehand via payment
553 consecutive adj. sequential; following one after another
554 fraught adj. full of or accompanied by; charged with; laden with
555 commuter n. person who travels back and forth between home and work
556 destruction n. ruin; desolation; annihilation
557 quarter adj. being one fourth; having four equal parts
558 apt adj. suitable; appropriate; intelligent; savvy; capable
559 eventual adj. final; occurring as a result
560 somber adj. gloomy; dark; depressing; sad; mournful
561 standard n. model; criterion; norm; average; commodity which backs a monetary system
562 process n. routine; course of action; advance; summons to court
563 loyalty n. faithfulness; devotion; constancy
564 cargo n. freight; luggage; baggage; load
565 identification n. verification of a person or thing; recognition
566 mailing n. large batch of letters sent at one time by a single sender; rented property
567 concrete n. cement; something tangible (idea, object, etc.)
568 kit n. set; equipment; outfit; clothing; wash basin
569 ceremony n. rite; ritual; formality
570 trust n. confidence; faith; credit; monopoly; several companies banded together in order to reduce competition
571 remove v. to take off; to shed; to take away; to eliminate; to get rid of
572 railroad v. to transport via locomotive; to convey by train
573 dispatch v. to send off quickly; to dismiss; to conclude with speed and efficiency; to eliminate
574 insure v. to provide a guarantee against possible damage or loss; to make certain
575 waver v. to sway; to oscillate; to vacillate; to fluctuate
576 submit v. to give in; to surrender; to yield; to present; to propose
577 duplicate v. to copy; to replicate; to photocopy
578 banquet v. to hold a party; to feast; to dine; to drink
579 climb v. to ascend; to up; to slope upward; to move upward gradually
580 frame v. to contrive false evidence against; to set up; to construct; to build; to fashion; to formulate
581 slump n. recession; sudden decrease; drooping posture; slouch; collapse
582 common adj. shared; ordinary; mediocre; average; public
583 convey v. to carry; to impart or to communicate by statement, suggestion, gesture or appearance
584 status n. individual's social or professional standing; position; rank; present situation
585 curious adj. inquisitive; desiring to know and understand; odd; strange; rare
586 accelerator n. gas pedal of a motor vehicle
587 box v. to fight with fists; to put crates
588 faith n. belief in a particular thing or person; religion; trust; confidence; loyalty
589 extract n. substance obtained from a plant; essence; text paragraph; passage
590 sign v. to mark; to indicate; to write one's name
591 base adj. low; despicable; ignoble
592 separate adj. detached; disconnected; distinct; set apart
593 unbiased adj. impartial; equitable
594 beneficial adj. advantageous; pleasurable; enjoyable
595 routine adj. commonplace; ordinary; usual; customary; habitual
596 additional adj. extra; supplemental
597 prize adj. valuable; unique; outstanding; award-winning
598 essential adj. necessary; needed; fundamental; crucial; very important
599 domestic adj. pertaining to home; pertaining to family; tame (about an animal)
600 intense adj. extreme; great; powerful; strong; profound

TOEIC คำที่ 301 - 400

301 consciously adv. knowingly; with awareness
302 either adv. also; too; as well
303 abroad adv. in another country; outside; widely
304 abreast adv. side by side; in alignment; on top of; up-to-date; well-informed
305 usually adv. commonly; generally; regularly
306 evaluation n. appraisal; estimation; assessment
307 regardless adv. without consideration for possible problems; anyway; in any case
308 slantwise adv. at an angle; obliquely; in a slanting direction
309 overhead adv. from above; above; in the sky
310 instead adv. in place of; as a replacement
311 overseas adj. foreign; abroad
312 ambitious adj. aspiring; desirous of success; requiring great effort
313 permeate v. to enter; to penetrate; to infiltrate; to suffuse
314 proof adj. resistant; invulnerable; impervious; sealed; durable
315 vital adj. lively; vigorous; crucial; critical; necessary
316 enlarge v. to become bigger; to expand
317 extend v. to stretch; to enlarge; to lengthen; to reach out
318 interpreter n. person who translates from one language to another (orally); person how clarifies; commentator
319 institute n. foundation; organization which provides a certain service or supports a particular cause
320 reach v. to arrive; to obtain; to procure; to extend the arm outward
321 opposite adj. facing; across from; contrary; reverse; different; antithetical
322 inherent adj. intrinsic; existing as a natural and integral part; natural; inborn
323 idle adj. lazy; vain; unoccupied; unemployed
324 unlimited adj. infinite; boundless
325 offing n. distant part of the sea visible from the shore; remote place far from the shore; high seas
326 revolve v. to rotate; to turn; to spin; to encircle; to think about; to contemplate
327 alert adj. ready; attentive; quick; agile
328 fine adj. delicate; thin; flimsy; handsome; top-quality; excellent
329 obligatory adj. binding; compelling; must be done; necessary
330 inclusive adj. containing; comprehensive; all-embracing; extensive; taking in
331 tow n. act of dragging or pulling with a rope or chain
332 criterion n. standard against which something is measured; factor; discipline
333 keep n. wages; living; stronghold
334 blunder n. gross error; stupid mistake
335 bankruptcy n. state of losing property to one's creditor's due to unpaid debts; insolvency
336 adjustable rate n. an interest percentage that changes over time
337 market n. demand for goods or services; rate of purchase and sale; fair
338 age n. period; era; generation
339 experience n. knowledge obtained by doing; something that one has lived through
340 compatible n. piece of equipment which can be used with other machines without alternation
341 demonstrate v. to present; to show or illustrate something through example, or physical demonstrations
342 angle v. to bend; to turn sharply in a different direction
343 treat v. to relate to; to deal with; to process; to pay for
344 harmonize v. to agree; to reconcile; to be in concert with
345 wrong v. to cause suffering to; to behave unjustly toward
346 collect v. to gather; to garner; to assemble; to accumulate; to take payments
347 subject adj. under the rule of; subordinate; exposed to; liable to; conditional
348 pitch v. to establish; to erect; to throw; to toss
349 garner v. to collect; to gather; to accumulate; to store; to place in reserve
350 peddle v. to hawk; to vend; to deal; to distribute; to sell
351 initially adv. at first; in the first place; at the beginning
352 solely adv. only; exclusively; merely
353 randomly adv. accidentally; by chance
354 ahead adv. forward; in advance
355 originally adv. at first; in the first place; in a unique manner
356 twice adv. doubly
357 interest n. concern; affair; percentage on a loan which is paid over time
358 further adv. to a greater distance; more; in addition
359 throughout adv. in every; during
360 ill adv. with difficulty; barely; scarcely; poorly; improperly
361 determine v. to decide; to define; to conclude; to cause; to affect
362 perennial adj. lasting throughout the whole year; continuing for many years; perpetual; everlasting
363 benchmark n. criterion; measure; point of reference for comparison
364 event n. occurrence; happening; contest; campaign; promotion
365 conviction n. acknowledgment; strong persuasion or belief; condemnation
366 assortment n. variety; collection; selection; range; mixture
367 anger n. rage; fury
368 innovation n. introduction of something new; change; new method or practice
369 refund v. to return money; to reimburse; to repay; to finance again
370 quarterly adv. four times a year; once every three months
371 exclusive adj. sole; limited to a selected few; incompatible; fashionable; unique
372 sincere adj. honest; truthful; frank; straightforward; genuine; earnest
373 pocket adj. small; of a pouch
374 ideal adj. perfect; imaginary; excellent; best; exemplary
375 thorough adj. comprehensive; complete; finished
376 actual adj. substantial; real; tangible; current
377 robust adj. strong; healthy
378 inanimate adj. lifeless; spiritless
379 dynamic adj. forceful; energetic; vigorous; spirited; alive
380 principal adj. chief; head; leading; primary; main
381 journal n. newspaper; magazine; diary; blog; bookkeeping ledger
382 motive n. something that causes a person to act; cause; incentive; purpose; intention
383 complaint n. finding fault; act of expressing displeasure; pleading entered by a plaintiff (Law)
384 duty n. obligation; responsibility; assignment; customs tax
385 location n. place; position; situation; site; spot
386 disposition n. character; nature; trait; arrangement; placement
387 influx n. inflow; inward flow; place where a stream flows into another body of water
388 salvage n. act of rescuing; rescued items
389 initial n. beginning letter of a person's first name; first letter (as of a word)
390 approval n. confirmation; endorsement; positive opinion
391 reconsider v. to contemplate again
392 plate v. to cover with a thin layer of metal; to coat with metal
393 grain v. to crumble into granules
394 reschedule v. to set a new time and date
395 convince v. to persuade; to influence; to prove
396 resign v. to quit an office or position; to relinquish; to give up; to abdicate
397 journey v. to travel; to take a trip
398 preempt v. to occupy a place; to take a place; to obtain at an advance opportunity
399 prize v. to appreciate; to esteem; to respect; to appraise; to assess worth
400 age v. to grow older; to mature

TOEIC คำที่ 401 - 500

401 overtime adv. exceeding regular working hours
402 hard adv. strenuously; with great effort; to the full extent; intently; to the extreme limit
403 regularly adv. at fixed intervals; at evenly-spaced intervals; usually; customarily
404 foremost adv. first in place or rank; primary; leading; main
405 seamlessly adv. smoothly; continuously; inconspicuously
406 previously adv. before; at an earlier time; in the past; antecedently
407 field v. to answer adequately or successfully
408 etc. adv. and so on; and so forth
409 fine adv. very well; excellent
410 however adv. in any event; anyway
411 gratuity n. tip; bonus; recompense
412 support v. to carry; to encourage; to assist financially; to substantiate
413 stance n. physical position or bearing; opinion; attitude
414 admit v. to confess to something; to allow entrance; to accept as valid
415 rehearsal n. practice session for a performance
416 conference n. meeting; seminar; convention
417 list v. to write or print a series of names or items according to a certain order; to inscribe; to record
418 qualification n. fitness; suitability; limitation; diploma or certificate stating one's abilities
419 pose v. to stance
420 verify v. to confirm the truth of something
421 stationary adj. still; fixed in place; static; settled; tending to stay in one place
422 remarkable adj. striking; noteworthy; extraordinary; exceptional
423 supportive adj. providing assistance
424 favorite adj. preferred; beloved; liked
425 generous adj. benevolent; giving; unselfish; abundant; plentiful
426 rotten adj. decayed; decomposed; putrid; spoiled; despicable
427 surprise n. astonishment; something which startles or astonishes; unexpected event
428 salient adj. conspicuous; bulging outward; protruding; remarkable; noticeable
429 last adj. coming after all others; most recent; final; newest
430 pushy adj. controlling; aggressive; extremely self-assertive; bossy
431 misunderstanding n. incorrect interpretation
432 notebook n. portable personal computer; laptop computer
433 waitress n. woman who serves tables in a restaurant or pub
434 proposition n. offer; plan; theory; problem
435 region n. area; territory; domain; field; area of activity or interest; sphere
436 fade v. to wither; to die out; to bleach; to disappear
437 consumer n. buyer; client
438 program n. schedule; agenda; written order of events
439 token n. symbol; sign; mark; remembrance
440 name n. word or phrase by which someone or something is called or identified; moniker
441 name v. to appoint; to specify; to identify; to designate
442 omit v. to delete; to skip over; to neglect
443 trail v. to follow; to drag; to tow
444 fare v. to travel; to go; to journey; to happen; to eat and drink
445 internationalize v. to globalize; to make worldwide
446 documentation n. collection of written records; use of written records as evidence
447 reclaim v. to demand the return of property; to repossess
448 crowd v. to gather together; to group together; to press in
449 press v. to push; to iron; to remove creases or wrinkles; to confiscate for public or government use
450 contest v. to fight for; to challenge; to appeal
451 already adv. previously; before a certain time
452 primarily adv. chiefly; principally; mainly; initially
453 anyhow adv. in some way
454 instinctively adv. naturally; spontaneously; intuitively; automatically
455 anyway adv. in whatever manner; however
456 manually adv. by hand; physically
457 good adv. nice; excellent; of high quality
458 below adv. at a further point
459 directly adv. clearly; straight; frankly; immediately; soon
460 contrary adv. in opposition; against; counter
461 plan n. program; scheme; agenda; timetable; schedule
462 consistently adv. regularly; persistently; steadily; stably
463 version n. particular form of something; variant; rendering; translation
464 venture v. to take a risk in order to achieve a goal
465 expectancy n. hope; anticipation; assumption
466 facilitator n. person or thing which promotes; expeditor
467 render v. to give; to submit; to transform; to represent; to depict
468 merchandise n. goods; ware; stock; articles or items to be sold
469 exact v. to demand; to require; to insist upon; to force
470 lock v. to fix in place; to link firmly together; to be held in place
471 retail adj. pertaining to the sale of goods to final consumers; of the sale of merchandise to end users
472 usual adj. common; regular; ordinary
473 underway adj. having begun a journey (especially of a sea vessel); initiated; in progress; under construction
474 unconventional adj. not standard; not ordinary
475 diligent adj. ambitious; industrious; hard-working
476 square adj. having four equal sides enclosing four equal angles
477 crucial adj. very important; critical; decisive; vital
478 even adj. smooth; straight; level; parallel; equal; consistent
479 circumspect adj. careful; cautious
480 potential adj. possible; capable of becoming; able to be
481 executive n. manager; person or group of persons having administrative authority within an organization
482 clipping n. article cut from a newspaper
483 inspiration n. stimulus; motivation; revelation; insight; idea
484 clause n. paragraph; section in a document; part of a contract
485 amortization n. gradual payment of debt; the reduction of the value of an asset
486 workshop n. seminar; brief intensive educational program; discussion group
487 piece n. slice; part; segment; creation; work
488 dispute n. quarrel; disagreement; argument
489 component n. ingredient; single piece which forms part of a larger unit; part; constituent; element
490 travel n. movement; journeying
491 rehearse v. to drill; to practice an action repeatedly in order to perfect it
492 compete v. to contest; to contend against another; to participate in a contest
493 sight v. to see with the eyes; to view; to notice; to discern; to observe
494 insist v. to demand; to emphasize firmly; to request firmly; to require; to persevere
495 unlock v. to open; to free from restraints; to release
496 tax v. to impose a tariff; to impose a levy; to burden; to demand too much
497 acquire v. to buy; to obtain; to purchase; to attain
498 slump v. to collapse; to decline; to decrease; to deteriorate; to settle
499 apologize v. to express regret; to say sorry
500 title v. to furnish with a caption or heading

TOEIC คำที่ 201 - 300

201 example n. model; pattern; something which serves as an illustration
202 inhabit v. to occupy; to live in; to dwell in; to reside in; to populate
203 possession n. custody; property; asset; control; ownership
204 payroll n. financial sheet listing salaries; list of workers who receive wages and salaries
205 creativity n. innovativeness; inventiveness
206 consist v. to be composed of; to be made up of
207 central adj. main; principal; major
208 confusion n. disorder; embarrassment; bewilderment
209 pleasure v. to cause someone enjoyment
210 fence v. to protect; to guard; to evade a question; to respond in a vague manner
211 ready adj. prepared; set; eager; willing; quick; fast
212 attendant adj. present; opposite of absent; accompanying
213 self-employed adj. independent; independent contractor; business owner; person who is not a hired laborer
214 fortunate adj. lucky; successful; opportune
215 glossy adj. shiny; polished; smooth
216 initialed adj. signed with initials; marked with the first letter or letter of a name
217 trade adj. commercial; of commerce
218 sick adj. ill; nauseous; feeling the need to vomit; disgusted; fed up
219 downsize adj. of a smaller version or dimension
220 fair adj. just; reasonable; handsome; light colored; clean; clear
221 compare n. contrast
222 recipient n. person who accepts; person who takes or gets
223 enrichment n. enhancement; refinement; improvement
224 ad n. informal word for a commercial announcement
225 relief n. easement; alleviation; liberation; aid; assistance
226 proliferation n. rapid multiplication; rapid reproduction; prosperity
227 will n. last testament listing inheritors of a dying person's property
228 address n. location; description of a location
229 advantage n. benefit; profit; utility; avail
230 citizen n. resident; native of a country
231 request v. to ask for; to petition for
232 visit v. to stay somewhere temporarily; to make an official inspection
233 fuel v. to provide with a combustible substance that provides energy
234 vary v. to alter; to change; to fluctuate
235 write off v. to disregard an outstanding debt (as of a customer)
236 directory n. guidebook; library; catalog
237 attempt v. to try to; to assay
238 calendar v. to write down in a timetable; to register
239 tie v. to bind; to fasten with a rope or cord
240 quote v. to cite; to state a price; to offer a price
241 corp. abbr. large company; firm; business
242 I.P.O. abbr. first offering to the public of a company's shares on the stock market
243 C.E.O. abbr. head manager of a corporation, company or large organization
244 hr abbr. period of 60 minutes
245 G.D.P. abbr. total goods and services produced by nation during one year excluding payments on foreign investments
246 ROI abbr. method of measuring the profitability of a company (derived by dividing the net income by total assets)
247 PTO abbr. requesting to view or read the opposite side of a page or document
248 C.S.O. abbr. top executive rank; person who is responsible for the security of a company's communications and business systems
249 PIN abbr. set of numbers which identifies a person
250 HTML abbr. language used to write pages and sites for the Internet
251 interim adv. meanwhile; in the meantime
252 likely adv. seemingly; probably
253 unfortunately adv. regrettably
254 curtly adv. briefly; bluntly; rudely
255 clearly adv. obviously; apparently; unmistakably
256 rarely adv. infrequently; not often; seldom
257 overseas adv. in a place across an ocean
258 opposite adv. contrarily
259 downward adv. towards a lower place, position or section
260 close adv. nearby
261 accompany v. to go along with; to go together with; to join; to attach
262 warranty n. guarantee; authority; justification
263 operator n. one who activates; worker of a telephone switchboard; operation symbol
264 aware adj. attentive; conscious of
265 wool n. fleece from some animals; frizzy hair
266 trespasser n. one who damages a person or his property or rights
267 credible adj. reliable; trustworthy; dependable
268 replace v. to substitute for; to return something to a particular position or location
269 residual adj. enduring; lasting; continuing; leftover; remaining
270 blanket n. bed covering; quilt
271 managerial adj. relating to supervision and responsibility
272 fiscal adj. of public funds; of or pertaining to money matters
273 priceless adj. invaluable; beyond any expressible value; very expensive
274 capable adj. skilled; able; proficient; adept
275 consistent adj. coherent; steadfast; firm
276 healthy adj. well; not sick; fit; sound
277 subordinate adj. inferior; of secondary importance; under the authority of another
278 progress v. to advance; to move forward; to gain
279 society adj. of or pertaining to the upper class
280 budget adj. inexpensive; cheap; of or relating to a financial plan
281 overhead n. general expenses; manufacturing and business expenses
282 retailer n. person or business that sells goods to final consumers
283 objection n. opposition; appeal; denial; protest
284 hire n. wages; rent; rental; charge; fee
285 subordinate n. one who is subservient; someone under the authority of another
286 calculator n. small machine that makes computations
287 refuse n. garbage; trash; waste
288 overtime n. work beyond regular working hours; pay for such work
289 report n. detailed account of an occurrence or situation
290 sign n. mark; symbol; indication; hint; trace; notice; advertisement
291 testify v. to bear witness; to declare under oath; to attest
292 margin v. to set apart an additional amount of space or money for security
293 invoice v. to bill; to charge
294 familiarize v. to cause to be acquainted; to accustom; to make something well known; to publicize
295 erase v. to rub off; to remove totally; to delete
296 badge n. tag; sign; identification tag
297 accommodate v. to adapt oneself; to host guests; to provide lodging
298 drop v. to fall; to make fall; to bring down; to go down; to omit; to abandon
299 appoint v. to nominate; to designate
300 close v. to shut; to be shut; to finish; to complete
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